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Best home inspection in OrlandoHome inspection tips Orlando

In all real estate transactions, it can be tough and scary when buying or selling a home. In this market, there are many things to keep in mind when scheduling an inspection. Obviously, you want the most for your money and ultimately you want to be able to trust the inspector you hire to protect your investment.

With so many inspectors out there choosing the right one can be tough. Allot of times your realtor may want you to choose the guy they always work with and depending on your impression of that realtor can make or break that deal. Allot of people feel safer using a third party unbias inspector to get the job done and we say more power to you.

1. Is it safe to say you have the right person on your side?

We work with some of the best realtors in the business but never get upset if somebody goes elsewhere but a lot of the time they choose us because we stand out from most of the inspectors they research. With our specials, we include things others don’t like:

1. We use the latest technology like 4k camera drones and infrared cameras that will find things others won’t.

2. Our inspections actually pay for themselves and put money back into your pocket with our “Wind mitigation inspection”.

3. We have building practice and experience on our side with many years in the construction industry.

4. We offer guarantees from our association and give a piece of mind to all our clients in case anything ever happens.

5. Our customer service is second to none. Our clients are encouraged to call us 24/7 if they need ANYTHING.

6. Our reporting system has an easy to read first class layout that doesn’t confuse our client and offers an easy to read format that covers EVERYTHING.

7. Most inspectors cover the bare minimum and the inspection report may include only 20 pages on a 2,000 square foot home while ours may include as many as 60 pages because we cover more things even if it may be as simple as doors and heat sources.

8. We have more than 32 certifications and can be found on our website and they are all achieved through higher education.

9. Our inspectors take the time at the end of the inspection to cover everything found which is typically already covered because we want you right there next to use when we find things so we may educate you and limit surprises on the report.

10. Our reports are generated SAME DAY leaving the turnover time minimal so your time is NOT WASTED!Best home inspection in Orlando

2. Understanding what makes a great inspector

It is so important to have inspectors that offer these things to give clients the absolute best value for the investment. We strive to offer these things at every inspection at the lowest cost to you and we settle for giving nothing but the best and these things are all included in our current special. If your inspector does not offer these things we advise anyone to call us and compare! We will never push to sell our product as it sells itself and we are always here to give advice and ensure you are making the best decision.

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