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Advanced pool inspections!

Need an awesome home inspector? Look no further! We offer a wide range of inspection services at the best prices! 407 255 3956 infrared scans-Free structure assessments-Free Chinese drywall inspections-Safety recall checks-Advanced pool inspections-Mold testing-Asbestos testing-Lead paint testing-Indoor air quality testingAll backed by the largest inspector association on the planet! AT THE BEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

Homeinspections123 Orlando spots the sourse of moisture in walls.

Orlando spotted the cause of a major moisture intrusion problem Homeinspections123 Orlando spotted the cause of a major moisture intrusion problem a client was very worried about. Upon arrival, we were told the front interior wall had damage to the drywall and was actually coming off the wall! The inspector had to troubleshoot options of […]

Homeinspections123 finds mold almost daily! We work hard to better serve you!

Homeinspections123 finds mold almost daily! Homeinspections123 does many inspections across central Florida and we find a wide range of deficiencies including mold! these photos were taken at an inspection yesterday where a newborn child was living! We immediately notified the homeowner and talked them through the steps necessary to begin the mold remediation process! We got […]

New Drone roof inspections with homeinspections123! home inspections Orlando

New Drone roof inspections We use the latest cutting-edge technology at homeinspections123 while doing home inspections in Orlando. This drone will help us with all home inspections and roof inspections for both commercial and residential are dedicated to offering the most value to our customers and presenting the best reports we possibly can in an […]

Homeinspections123 Orlando New construction inspections! 407 255 3956

Home inspections Orlando

Orlando New construction inspections! Although the New construction inspections may seem easy we often find more things than you would imagine! We have encountered problems such as water intrusion from a late roof being installed, electrical issues, HVAC and plumbing issues. People might ask why somebody would need an inspection on a new house? And […]

Homeinspections123 Sealing exterior stress cracks. Need a home inspection? 407 255 3956

Sealing exterior stress cracks. Need a home inspection? Sealing exterior stress cracks. Need a home inspection? Hello and thanks for reading this post today is about something we find allot on a home inspection, especially in Clermont where the soil can be very Clay heavy. This can allow water to drain too quickly or will […]

How to determine window ratings Homeinspections123 Orlando!

.Homeinspections123 This information is to help customers determine window ratings -When shopping for a wind mitigation inspection it can be a little confusing for some to understand what exactly goes into this inspection.Homeinspections123 inspectors are constantly asked what features are looked at and what credits will be obtained.The one I get asked the most is […]

Geothermal HVAC systems in a Home inspection from Homeinspections123 Orlando

On a new home inspection for a friend, I noticed they had two separate Geothermal HVAC systems.One of which was not cooling the home properly.These systems usually pull groundwater deep from underground where it is very cold and they run them through the system to cool the air.That is why we call them water to […]

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