Commercial Building Inspections for Central Florida Area

Our commercial building inspection division provides our clients a comprehensive range of services to fully inspect multi-family complexes, retail, commercial or light industrial spaces.

Our Services Include: PCA or Property Condition Assesment,Due Diligence, ASTM E 2018, loan origination and acquisition inspections, portfolio and maintenance assessments.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

The acquisition of a commercial building can be stressful, sometimes involving considerable uncertainty, and often with time constraints on the decision-making process. Rest assured we are here to help. As part of the due diligence process, a property condition assessment can remove a number of the unknowns, provide you with peace of mind and greatly increases the chances of a successful transaction. It just makes good sense to know the true condition of a building you are buying.

Pre-Lease Inspections

When entering a lease agreement, an inspection can serve both parties by describing the conditions at the beginning of the lease period. Often, a second inspection is undertaken at the end of the lease to review the condition of the building.

Addition types of inspections we perform:

  • Comprehensive Inspections (Exterior, Interior, Lots and Grounds)
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections
  • Damage Assessments and Investigation
  • Roof Inspection and Evaluations
  • Thermal Imaging using Infrared Cameras
  • Moisture Investigations

Types of Buildings we inspect:

  • Retail Buildings and Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings (Low, Medium, High rise)
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Multi-family Buildings (Apartments and Condos)
  • Schools and Churches
  • Light Industrial Facilities
  • Building Owners
  • Banks

Clients we serve:

  • Building Owners
  • Banks
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • Law Firms

Call us at  (407) 255-3956 or schedule an inspection online.