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Orlando New construction inspections!

Although the New construction inspections may seem easy we often find more things than you would imagine! We have encountered problems such as water intrusion from a late roof being installed, electrical issues, HVAC and plumbing issues.

People might ask why somebody would need an inspection on a new house?

And the answer is always the same…

There are good and bad builders and regardless of who you have its always a good idea to check the work they do! We are your forefront between you and the guy trying to sell this investment to and an unbiased opinion is a strong thing to have! allot of times what we do is spot deficiencies and hand over an organized checklist summary to hand back to them to be done to completion! We always tell everyone that even a pricey inspection of 300-600 dollars is nothing compared to a 350,000 dollar investment!

Don’t cheap out because you don’t

construction inspections

construction inspections

construction inspections want to have something happen outside of warranty and get stuck paying thousands!!!

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