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Homeinspections123 Orlando New construction inspections! 407 255 3956

Home inspections Orlando

Orlando New construction inspections! Although the New construction inspections may seem easy we often find more things than you would imagine! We have encountered problems such as water intrusion from a late roof being installed, electrical issues, HVAC and plumbing issues. People might ask why somebody would need an inspection on a new house? And […]

Infrared home inspections

Infrared home inspections Orlando

Infrared home inspections!!! There are countless things that you can find with an infrared camera on a home inspection. And here are two great examples.first I want to say that the standard home inspector would be looking with the naked eye.And when you go into a house that has minimal space in the attic to […]

God bless the United States!

Just spoke with a truly amazing individual who served in the United States army (infantry) for ten years!! Words can’t explain the level of gratitude I have towards our service members.This country didn’t become the greatest on hopes and dreams but the blood, sweat, and tears of our great nations service members.The men and women, […]

Buying or selling a home? Call us today for a free evaluation!

Home inspections, buy home, sell home

Buying or selling a home? Homeinspections123 offers a wide range of inspections to suit your needs. We use the latest technology and our prices won’t be beaten! Call today! 407 255 3956 or visit HomeInspections123.com 1. Schedule 2. Inspect 3. Report “It’s as easy as 1-2-3!”

Why we love infrared cameras! If your inspector isn’t using one you hired the wrong guy!

This is why I love infrared! There truly is a wide range of things you can find that you normally would see with the naked eye! This one piece of technology will save homeowners thousands this year!!

Inspecting with infrared cameras

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The Flir infrared cameras we use on every inspection is a small handheld camera that picks up high and low points in temperature that you cannot see with the naked eye. This equipment is a must for any professional inspector.We want the very best for our clients and as a professional, we cannot miss any […]

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