Insurance Inspection Orlando

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Insurance Inspection in Orlando That you can trust

Oftentimes insurance companies will require clients to obtain these inspections to gain insurance coverage! Our home inspectors will conduct thorough insurance inspections to get a better example of the building practice used on your home which will save our clients’ money!


Wind mitigation inspection: 

This inspection focuses on window coverings as well as building practice of the home and roof system. Based on those features our clients typically save 30% on their homeowner’s insurance annually which in turn will pay for the inspection costs and will put A bit of money back in your pocket!

4 Point inspection: 

This inspection includes the four main components within any residential property. This inspection looks at the AC system, roof system, plumbing system as well as the electrical and basically gives the insurance company A better idea of exactly what they’re insuring at the current condition of the systems. This inspection is typically required by the insurance company for homes over 35 years of age.

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