There is a lot of information you should know about the home inspection process. If a major issue was found it can definitely be a deal-breaker. The following are the top five biggest issues when inspecting a house

  1. Roof: roofing problems are extremely common here in Florida. Over time and materials can we can and the probability for leaks increases. The average shingle Service Life is around 15 to 40 years. With the heavy rain, hail, and wind we get here in Florida missing shingles or damage can be extremely common. Annual maintenance and repair are extremely important to see the Service Life of the roofing material associated with the home.
  2. Electrical wiring: Issues found with electrical system consist of faulty or stripped wiring, wiring type, proper grounding, undersized wiring or breakers, these problems can be a safety hazard and should be addressed by a licensed Electrical Contractor immediately.

Mostly found in older homes. Unsafe code violations and installation practices are more common which can lead to safety hazards. Depending on the severity of the problems found, this could potentially lead to A major fix or correction. It may be something simple or something more serious which requires immediate professional attention. Talking with their inspector will help gain a better understanding. Typically certain types of wires or systems or even panels could pose a huge issue.

  1. Attic ventilation and installation: Proper ventilation within an interior attic space is extremely important especially here in Florida where the humidity is 40 to 60%. Inadequate ventilation may lead to mold issues as well as warped framing and energy efficiency issues! It’s not it’s a huge deal to find because it can be easily corrected.
  2. Proper site drainage: The drainage of water around the home is extremely important. Adding soil to the perimeter of the house can help water shed away from the home and instead of underneath the foundation. Removal of trees and other vegetation is always a great idea as well. Additional gutter systems or swale drains can better help assist the lot drainage and protect future conditions of the foundation.
  3. Plumbing problems: Some building materials used back in the day may be defective or already hold damage such as cast iron pipes that may be rusting from the inside out! Polybutylene piping is another manufactured product to look out for as it reacts with the chlorine content in the water supply and has the same exact effect. Even some of the new products such as the fittings associated with PEX are now known to be defective! Your inspector may also find leaks, low water pressure, incorrect plumbing pipe sizes, slow drains, backed up drains and more. These types of issues are extremely important to look out for because they are typically more costly. If you have a leak within a wall that goes unnoticed it may damage multiple components. 90% of all home damage is made up of and caused by water.

What to expect

Now that you know what to expect it is important to talk with your inspector to better understand the process and the issues that are found. And remember no question is a stupid question be sure to contact your inspector with any information you are curious about.

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