First and foremost is extremely important to ensure there are no obstructions of personal items around any major systems or even obstructions on the interior of the home which may hinder the inspection process or visual inspection from the buyer’s home inspector. The home inspector will not touch any personal items and may even have to reschedule or come back one sees obstructions are removed. This can be a real pain in the neck for both parties involved as it only extends the process.

Understanding why a home inspection is important?

It is important to understand that no home is perfect and the buyer just wants to make sure that this investment is the right one. And who can blame them? With such a large investment the home inspection process is extremely important nobody wants to buy a house without an inspection and find out there are a lot of issues that they have to take care of on their own. The home inspection report can make are break the real estate deal and preparation on the Sellers and is extremely important to make sure everything goes smoothly and there are no major problems found.

What are home inspectors looking for?

It is important to understand when an inspector is going to be looking at when he comes to your home to inspect. He may be looking for items such as:

· HVAC (heating and cooling) systems and filters
· Plumbing and electrical system
· Light fixtures
· Major appliances and utilities
· Presence of smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors
· Possible mold or mildew
· Possible insects or pests

A good rule of thumb is to go through the house yourself to make sure all appliances and systems are running properly and have been made against accordingly. These are all things a home inspector will be evaluating. If you’re unsure at any time Homeinspections123 can provide you with a checklist of things to go over to ensure that your inspection process is quick and painless.

Address problems immediately

It is important that you address damage immediately because the home inspector will not pass or let the east bay and slip by them. It is important that you are prepared and you hire the correct contractors to evaluate the systems further to ensure your inspection process is an easy one.


It is important that you understand the buyer is going to want every single piece of information they can possibly get to make a better decision on the home they are looking to purchase. Having permits, receipts for work done, or any other documentation that may show prepares is extremely important.


It is extremely important the inspector can access every square inch of the house with no obstructions so they do not have to return to the property thus extending the inspection.

Clean your home

It is important that you clean your home before the inspection process this will help things go smoothly and may even save you a headache later on. You do not want personal items in areas such as sinks, washers, dishwashers or any other system that might be obstructed. Is extremely important of the home inspector can access every area of the home without any problems


It is very important that you put away all pets or maybe even leave them at a family members house to ensure the inspector’s safety as well as the buyers. At Homeinspections123 we love animals but it is also important to understand and respect other people’s feelings


If you follow these steps to sell your home it will be a breeze! The buyer will be extremely happy with the thoroughness and preparation that you put into selling the property which in turn will show how much you care is an individual and will give a better overall feeling of the transaction or real estate process.

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